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Kiwipodz are the ‘Grand Design’ of minor dwellings and temporary shelters. They offer a new kind of versatile shelter for a range of geographic locations. Kiwipodz are ideal for eco ventures and removable applications.

Key Uses Include

  • Minor Dwellings
  • Temporary Accommodation
  • Eco Tourism
  • Glamping
  • Disaster Relief/Shelters
  • Studio workshops

Key Benefits

  • Low Cost 28m2 for $49K
  • Small footprint
  • Flatpack transport
  • One day setup
  • Fully insulated
  • 20+ year life


  • Galvanised Steel Sub-frame
  • Oregon Super Structure
  • Tensile Structure Fabric exterior
  • Selected Materials for interior
  • Footprint 14m2 
  • Floor area:  14m2 / 28m2 / 64m2

Overview of Kiwipodz​

Animation showcasing the innovative construction & features of Kiwipodz

Our Vision

Provide affordable and unique, flat packed living spaces for New Zealanders and the World.

The Kiwipod Construction Timelapse

Kiwipodz are innovative multipurpose building systems designed to create healthy living environments. They can be erected in a day to create an internal living space of 28 square metres. Further options are under development at 14 &  65 square metres. Each Pod has a secure storage space beneath the structure of 14 square metres or more.

Kiwipodz are flat packed and therefore easily transported anywhere in New Zealand, or even the world. The structure is lightweight, but strong and it is intended to last 20+ years. Each Pod incorporates durable canvas material supported by an Oregon timber structure formed in a very strong base configuration. We are also proud to say we use up-cycled materials in the floor, thereby reducing waste in Aotearoa.

One day in Construction

A timelapse of Kiwipod setup (1 minute)

An artists impression of how the Kiwipodz could feature in a larger tourism or accommodation setting. There is a significant rising trend for glamping options in local tourism and we believe Kiwipodz more than meet that challenge. They are the perfect solution as they can be wired and insulated to be comfortable all year round!
As each Kiwipod is highly transportable using smaller segments, they are suited to use in clearings, and coastal points etc, they can even be delivered by boat.
With the living platform raised off the ground, they are suitable for use in areas where occasional or low-level flooding may occur.

The Kiwipod Design


The Kiwipodz concept has been launched with the 28 square metre Octopod. There is also a smaller version on the drawing board and a much larger pod which would become the central element in a cluster. If you want more information on these please contact us.


The Kiwipod has a custom made flatpack deck and entry stairs available. These are available as an extra for those that need it. Alternatively any deck can be built adjacent to the structure.


Each Kiwipod can be customised to have one set of opening doors or several sets, depending on your requirements. You can can also add or remove windows as required, these changes will affect the purchase price slightly.
See animated overview video to see how multiple doors on the kiwipod look.

Commercial uses - Glamping & accommodation

Play Video

Kiwipodz for local tourism

A New Zealand made Kiwipod is the perfect solution for Holiday Parks wanting all year round glamping accommodation (they are insulated),  eco tourism operators wanting a unique experience,  and adventure operators offering remote accommodation experiences combined with local adventure tourism. The commercial uses are wide, and the option to customise both interior and exterior to suit location will appeal to any savvy operator.

Kiwipodz cluster options

Contact us if you are interested in developing a larger cluster option as we can take it from concept to a commercially developed solution in a short period of time.
A larger 65m2 central pod is in development and this could be built as required to form a hub. This super pod could act as a communal meeting area, experience or education centre, or as a larger central living pod with the smaller 14m2 sleeping podz clustered
around it.

Proposed Open Days/Events

Kiwipodz are planning an open day in late June and we would love to see to see there. 

Follow us on Facebook to see information on these public events and to see other news or updates as they emerge.

Purchase a Kiwipod From $49,000

The mid-size Octopod featured here will retail for $49,000 including GST, making it one of the cheapest options for accomodation and typically half the cost of its nearest portable competitor which
is a tiny home on wheels. 

Purchasers who love the concept are welcome to contact us regarding a demonstration of the Kiwipod.

 14m2 – Hexapod from $37,000
28m2 – Octopod from $49,000
64m2 – Dodecapod  from $74,000